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10-Pack Felt Tassel (Gold Cap)

10-Pack Felt Tassel (Gold Cap)

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Enhance your DIY keychain projects with our exquisite Felt Tassels, the perfect keychain supply to infuse extra style and charm into your creations. These tassels come in a beautiful pink or blue colours with a striking gold cap, elevating your DIY keychains with a delightful and fashionable flair.

Key Information:

  • 10 tassels with the colour of your choice
  • Gold cap
  • Approximately 3.5cm length

Whether you're a crafting enthusiast looking to revamp your own keychain collection or eager to create personalised gifts for your loved ones, our Felt Tassels are an exceptional choice. Let your creativity shine as you express your unique style and personality by incorporating these tassels into your existing keychains, resulting in a customised look that effortlessly stands out from the crowd. Unleash your imagination and make your DIY keychain projects truly extraordinary with our Felt Tassels!

Please note that slight color variations between the actual product and the photo may occur due to lighting and display settings. Thank you for your understanding.

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